captainjeffCaptain Jeff Morris has been fishing and boating on Lake Michigan since he was a child. Jeff’s grandfather, Merle Morris was a very successful fisherman from the port of South Haven. He was the commandant of the River Bend Boat Club as well as the South Haven Yacht Club. Jeff’s grandfather was a very influential fisherman, he was one of the founding members of the South Haven Steelheaders, the organization Merle helped found, went on to become the Michigan Salmon and Steelhead Fisherman’s Association. Merle Morris was so beloved by the fisherman of South Haven he is the only departed member to have an annual tournament held in his honor. Jeff’s father, Jack is one of the best perch fishermen in South Haven.

In high school, not only did Jeff like fast fish, but also fast boats. Jeff‘s speed boat was a young man dream, but young men's dreams change. Family and other commitments forced Jeff to choose a sport that was less dangerous. Jeff started fishing salmon and trout tournaments about 10 years ago. Jeff and friends made up the Silver King Fishing Team, they did well together and had lots of fun. In 2003, one of Capt. Jeff’s teammates bought a tournament fishing boat, the team still fished together up and down the shores of Lake Michigan. Fishing their last tournament as Amateurs, in 2005, they pulled off an incredible victory at the Michigan City Coho Classic.

captainrobCaptain Rob Crago got a small taste of big lake salmon fishing as a child. It wasn't until 1996 when just four years out of high school Rob bought his first boat. It didn’t take long with the help of good teachers to become a pretty good fisherman. In 1999 Rob formed a new team that had the skills, attitude, and the will to win tournaments. Rob's team, on his boat the Come-A-Long, were both feared and revered by fellow competitors. In 2003 and 2004 the Come-A-Long Sport fishing Team won the Big Jon Tri-Port Challenge Back to Back. Not only is this feat impressive, but Rob's team never trailed in the standings for the two years. Rob and his team branched out, fishing with many different Captains to learn new techniques and find subtle ways to keep catching when the fish are not cooperating. Captains Jeff and Rob are both tournament proven anglers who have what it takes to put fish in the cooler under any circumstances. They both understand that, as your Captain, it is their responsibility to make sure you have an enjoyable trip. They both encourage you to ask questions and do as little or as much as you please. From seasoned old salts to rank amateurs everyone is welcome at South Haven Fishing Charters.